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Exciting news - we're expanding the restaurant and moving premises! The restaurant is closed whilst we relocate and refurbish the new premises. Watch this space for opening date and location!

About the Indus Tandoori

Some History

As long ago as 2400BC, a civilisation was growing in the valley of the River Indus, in present day Pakistan. It had developed from farming communities settled in the valley since 4000BC, and it was based upon a number of cities, the greatest of which were the wealthy capitals of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.

In about 1750BC these cities were abandoned, apparently after floods caused by change in the River Indus. They disappeared so completely under the mud of the Indus that men forgot they even existed. Modern discovery of the remains of the Indus Valley civilisation only began in 1922.

The Indus Tandoori Restaurant, named after these historical Indus events, is located on Bath Road, Cheltenham. We are one of the finest and longest established Indian restaurants in Cheltenham, having been here for some 20 years. Our methods of fusion and tandoori cooking as well as our recipes have been handed down through the generations and is the reason behind our continued success.

Fusion Cooking

Fusion cooking is a new recipe and style of cusine introduced by the owner, Mr Alam, in which all ingredients used are quite unique. The secrets lie in the way the dishes are prepared and cooked and our customers rejoice in our famous speciality dishes.

Tandoori Dishes

This method of cooking is an ancient art handed down through many generations and is a speciality of our chef. All tandoori dishes are cooked over charcoal in individual portions in a traditional oven made of special clay. We are the only Indian restaurant in Cheltenham who cook in this way. Only natural ingredients are used and little or no fat or oil is necessary (dieters may be concerned), therefore the full flavour of the meat is retained for your enjoyment. We recommend a side accompaniment of fresh vegetables of your choice.


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